CSE - Control Systems Engineer


CSE - Control Systems Engineer has started the activities since 1986 for the Control & Instrumenation in the Geophysic Survey Logging Services of Albanian Petrolium Company -

During 1997 - 2003, as Project Engineer for the design and the implementation of control & monitoring systems in the hydropower plants rehabilitation projects named DRCRP & BISABU
in Albanian Power Corporation - KESH sha, where new concepts of the computerised technologies (SCADA, PLCs, RTU, FO, MMI, LAN, etc.) were applied.

On 2006, as Project Engineer for the design and preparation of terms of references for instrumentation & monitoring systems of the dams instrumentation project for Fierza, Vau
Dejes, Ulza & Shkopeti Dams (including hydromechanical & civil works'scope).

From 2006 and continous, the CSE's activity is Consultant Engineer for Renewable Energy Sources and Technology projects and studies, energy efficiency and smart grids applications.


Based on the Tirana Court Decision Consultant Nr. 41420 dated on 27.03.2007, Dipl.Eng.Mr. Ardian Bilibashi, MSc, is appointed as:
”Engineer for the design and study of the automation control and monitoring systems of the power energy, the renewable & alternative power energy supplies, the electric metering
systems and the services in this field”.

The Albanian Public Works Lincense Committee has recorded the activity by the License No. EZ. 0918, dated on 29.05.2007 in the field of: "Design and implementation of the
alternative power energy, power distribution lines and communication networks".

He is registered "Person Fizik' to National Center Recording - NCR with NIPT K71811027H.
Account Number: 0001302380 - Raiffeisen Bank Sha - Albania.


CSE has an experience over six years in the field of the preparation and design of:

- Renewable Energy Sources terms of references, potential energetic sources assessment and feasibility studies,
- Development and rehabilitation projects of small hydro power plants, substations and grid systems,
- Preparation of the feasibility studies for the installation of hydro capacity 700MW, LFG biogas capacity 13MW, wind capacity 10MW,
- Introducing of the new terms of smart grid & metering systems in Albania,
- Industrial electronic applications,


All studies and designs are in conformity with EU Standards & Energy Frameworks, Climate Change and Environment Policy and Albanian Government Laws, etc.


The activities and the results are considered by the clients for high performance and quality. CSE has great and successful collaborations with the professional and technical teams
and companies in Albania and abroad.
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