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Fierza monthly inflow
estimated by DFEM
Fierza monthly inflow
Discharge Flow Estimation Module


Control Systems Engineer activity is focused to the design and study of the automation control and monitoring systems of the power energy, the renewable & alternative power energy
supplies, the electric metering systems and the services in this field.

CSE offers the consulting and the assessment related to

- the potential energetic assessment of the river, wind, solar and biogas regions in Albania,
- the automatic control and monitoring systems of the renewable energy generation and grid systems,
- the renewable and alternative power generation plants and grid connection,
- the electricity metering system and smart grid,
- the dams instrumentation and monitoring systems,
- the technical project specification and procurement,
- the project implementation and commissioning in the renewable energy sources, technology, energy efficiency, smart grid, etc.


Our technical terms and specifications are based on the worldwide standards, document and COTS softwares & tools. Procurement document for goods & services based on the
document Standards of World Bank, EBRD, JBIC, FIDIC, Albanian Govenment, etc.

New concepts and methodologies are applied for the assessment of the energetic potential of the landfill dump (LFG), biofarm sluges and crops, wind and PV solar energetic potential in
the diferent regions in Albania and abroad.

We use the original methodology for the assessement of the potential hydro energetic of the river river in Albania, using an estimation module that calculates the monthly discharge
(surface and ground water) based on input variables such as monthly precipitation, intensity and frequency of rainfall, snowfall, air temperature and solar radiation as well as regional
specific discharge. The monthly discharge simulations of this module help in a rapid assessment of the hydropower potential if no observed discharge data are available. The module is
designed as a lumped, deterministic rainfall-runoff model. It is calibrated, validated and tested with observed discharge data from the Institute of Energy, Water and Environment of
Albania, AKBN, and the other international official sources, etc. DFEM creates a relationship between the site discharge flow and the climate change factors to forecast the discharge
change in the future. DFEM should apply with the others softwares and databases like FAO LocClime 1.1 software (, SamSamWater (, GAISMA
database (, etc.

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Consulting in Renewable Energy Sources and Technology, Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid
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